Pietra di Langa extends Enrico Malatesta’s investigation on the complex self oscillatory patterns afforded by stones and other irregularly shaped objects. It consists in a solid made of concrete, whose shape has been obtained by silicone casting an actual stone. The project has been developed during a residency at Pianpicollo Selvatico, an Italian center for research in the arts and the sciences which is located in the Langhe region, a scarcely anthropized area between the Alps and the Ligurian Sea. The release of Pietra di Langa is enriched by a score/exercise made by the author and a text contribution by anthropologist Tim Ingold.



Aural Tools • BILIA


BILIA derives from the work of percussionist Enrico Malatesta. The release consists of five wooden balls (3,5 cm Ø) carved from different woods. Enrico’s very own sound comes from a horizontal approach to the percussion instruments that are, in his practice, a space for movement, where every action is also a form of exploration and listening as well as an exercise in imagination.