Music / Compositions



Occam Ocean – Occam XXVI*
for percussion [2018]

Occam Océan – Occam River VIII
for violin and percussion | Silvia Tarozzi and Enrico Malatesta [2020]

Occam Océan – Occam River XXV
for viola and percussion | Julia Eckhardt and Enrico Malatesta [2020]





Manifold for Malatesta*
for percussion and fixed electronics [2020]

Manifold for Malatesta explores how a flat surface can be folded upon itself, to create a feeling of hidden dimensions. In truth sound always has this feature (of being folded in on itself). But a composition can make strange shapes of these folds. In thinking about the piece, I was inspired by Enrico Malatesta’s work exploring the drum surface, and by Royden Rabinowitch’s sculptures of Reimann surfaces. There is something in the mute, recessed blackness of these works which is particularly compelling to me. They are a vortex that leads to an interior world whose outlines we discover in the light generated by extreme darkness. (Michael Pisaro)


Two Stones
Sound Demonstration 1
A moment


*written for Enrico Malatesta