No Island but Other Connections is a project based on accumulation of listening intuitions due to the encounter with specific places and their aural and relational potential; aimed at proposing the act of listening as a transitory process of growing, nourished by the vitality of what surrounds a listener, No Island But Other Connections proposes to the audience different formats of experience: sound–territory explorations, performances, listening excercises/scores, folklore’s investigation.







Raccogliere Pietre is an online project. It is an open collection of listening exercises, scores and texts started in 2009; the content of this journal revolves around my researches in the field of performing arts, music/musical instruments and sound ecology.

It is unregularly updated and each page is available separately from the others through free dowload pdf files from this website [currently only in Italian…Sorry!]




Piallassa della Baiona
Ravenna – Italy




Riserva Naturale Speciale della Bessa
Alpi Biellesi, Biella – Italy

The territory of the Bessa is characterized by huge expanses of stones surrounded by vegetation; this specific conformation is not due to natural phenomena, but rather to the fact that during the Roman empire thousands of people were employed in a gold mine producing processing waste of such vastness to seem the result of a geological process. We have first explored these heaps in the summer 2017; we were immediately struck by the intensity of the territory and how to practice forms of active listening and movement in it explicit some rudiments of our sound research which is focused on the investigation of ecological perception. In the Bessa the attention to the sound must be accompanied by a constant body presence; the stones tend to move under the weight of the footsteps, producing sound and making us part of the production of a context, of its ever under-construction morphology.












Attila Faravelli, Enrico Malatesta

THE DANCE OF ATTENTIONWhat happens as soon as we press ’record’ on a device


Attila Faravelli and Enrico Malatesta are sound artists and long term collaborators. They first met in 2012 to compose and perform music for a contemporary dance play (Teatro Valdoca). This initiated a series of diverse collaborations ranging from electro-acoustic music releases to research projects about the perception of a surfaces’ irregularities and the use of an everyday-life-use object to produce sound. In their collaborative works they explore the relationships between sound, space and gesture, with a focus on producing complex sonic information through simple actions and tools in contrast to the conception of music as a fully intentional human output.