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LILY STAR is a selection of modified texts, anthropological annotations, anecdotes, fake names and speech fragments collected and then assembled by the author during several years of employment as a fireworks seller. The fieldwork was then expanded through internet-based researches; the aim of the book is to present a flow of information concerning the socio-cultural and ecological implications, the rhetoric of trade, the rules, the semantic aesthetics of nomenclatures and descriptions, the aberration of use of fireworks and the sound & light synesthetic presence of pyrotechnics in different contexts of celebration and entertainment. Lily Star is a stage for the ephemeral power of fireworks and its transfer from the sky to the medium of text.


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DORO BENGALA Fontana di Fuoco
sound performance | fireworks, loops, cimbali
produzione Xing – Live Arts Week

Fontana di Fuoco reinterprets the pyrotechnic show using explosions as sounds and sounds as explosions of colors: an art of sense stimulation through the use of colored flames, of schrieks and low frequencies, inspired by a practice from Bengal founded by Mrs. Subhash Chandra Doro in the late 1895. “Hidden behind the fading flaming demon, their world was to climb trees to sparks and frighten the passerby. The tree fronds were meticulously decorated with silver strips that, moved from the wind, rose to emphasize the calls of the reeds cut in the bamboo, shaken to overcome the vertigo of space. Doro Bengala gathered around Bob, the only and unforgettable, Bob Caselli, who gave them the new dust. Today they keep in tiny boxes inlaid with their names.” Their rare apparitions made them become more than a pyrotechnic or performative group. Rather, they were the descendants of the incandescent world, the spirits of the extinct volcano, what remains of magma and fire.

Doro Bengala is a project born in 2008, founded by Francesco Cavaliere and Simone Trabucchi. For Fontana di Fuoco, the sound artist Enrico Malatesta becomes part of the project.