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No Island but Other Connections is a project based on accumulation of listening intuitions due to the encounter with specific places and their aural and relational potential; aimed at proposing the listening as a transitory process of growing nourished by the vitality of what surrounds a listener, No Island But Other Connections proposes to the audience different formats of experience: sound–territory exploration, sound performance, listening excercises, folklore’s investigation.


No Island But Other Connections​​ è stato presentanto in formati eterogenei presso​ ​Santarcangelo dei Teatri – Festival Internazionale del Teatro in Piazza​ (2016/17),​ ​Careof – Fabbrica del Vapore​ (2017),​ ​Postaja Topolove​ (2017),​ ​KunstenFestivalDesArts – Bruxelles​ (2017),​ ​Xing​,​ ​Errant Sound – sound art project space Berlin​ (2018), ​Danae Festival​ (2018) e in una moltitudine di occasioni informali.



Cantina Sociale

Journal of written field recordings and scores taken at work in an old Winery during the Harvest.







Site–Specific Listening Exercises
Sound Intervention

P. (b. 1937) is an accumulator. I can recognize his way to accumulate very common through the people of his age that come from the rural area; the aim of the accumulation is basically aimed at preserve fragments, iron (in order to sell it), wood and all the components of electrical and mechanical devices that can be useful in order to fix mulfunctions of the machines used in the field. 
 I noticed that P. has a slight attraction to sounds/sounding things and sometimes he reassembles things creating rudimental sound-devices that are scattered in the field and used for entertainment and as sound signals.

Horn: If we are absent play here

Cymbal: an old and very cheap cymbal that I bought in a flea market (more than ten years ago) and that I had trashed in the garbage. I found this cymbal reassembled with a system of suspension made with a car belt, two screws and a rusty iron knocker. The cymbal and the knocker, in that condition, are let free to move on the wind spreading small sounds by touching one to another. P. put this cymbal in there bacause when he hears its sound he remembers the time when I was playing the drums all the day in his shed.