Resonance Constructions

“Information, in itself, is not knowledge, nor do we become any more knowledgeable through its accumulation. Our knowledgeability consists, rather, in the capacity to situate such information, and understand its meaning, within the context of a direct perceptual engagement with our environments and we develop this capacity by having things shown to us.” (Tim Ingold)

Resonance Constructions is a workshop that aims at enhancing the perception of sound-space interactions by analysing the action of listening through the medium of selected object’s resonances immersed within specific environmental conditions.


Limit _ To explore the limit of contact between two surfaces. Physical and postural perception of limit. Relationship between auditory, material and imaginary spaces. Audibility limit of a sound.

Surface_ Investigate the contact relationship between surface and applied force. Gesture, posture of the hand and surface. Sound events driven by the texture of a material. Morphology of instruments.

Drift_ To examine the lasting period of a sound and its instability within it. Decay as a function of gestures and instruments. Dynamic. Dynamic as increasing or decreasing distance between source and listener. Continuum. Usefulness of sound events and development of an ecological approach to listening.



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