listening workshop, bricolages and sound-installations for kids realised by Enrico Malatesta

Project aimed at designing intuitive workshops, sound installations and sound bricolages for children. The sound production is investigated in relation to the bodies, tools (audio technology, percussion instruments and found objects) and the space.
They propose different experiences of listening, observation and production of sound with the intent to invite participants to freely interact with the physical strength of the sound and with the possibilities of relationship that leads between the body of the listener, the space and the quality of available materials. The workshop is thus presented as a simultaneous exhibition of possibilities of listening and action through which participants can take different experiential paths and intuitive involvement with the activity of sound.

A set of Moving Bodies
At the edge of the Volcano
My Life in the bush of Spirits
Tam Tam!

Teatro Grande di Brescia, Brescia IT
Uovo Kids – Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia, Milano IT
Mantova Playground – Corraini Edizioni, Mantova IT
Museo Internazionale e Biblioteca della Musica di Bologna, Bologna IT
Serre dei Giardini Margherita – Kilowatt, Bologna IT
Puerilia, Cesena IT
Bim! Microfestival di Cultura Infantile, Cesena IT