No Island But Other Connections – info

The sound is presented as a multi-dimensional event to take part in, becoming the instrument through which advanced listening devices, spatial practice and social interaction can be achieved.
No Island but Other Connections contains a program of distinct activities that are developed out of a negotiation between the state of research of the author and the acoustic and relational possibilities of the encountered spaces. It is a participatory workshop during which the fundamentals to be studied are the exposure to the sound potential of the working place, the process of waiting, and the creation of distance between the body and the sound impulse. These open up the possibility of studying in depth the sound-related behaviour of what is around us, that which moves between architectural, instrumental and evocative spaces. The listening experience is developed, therefore, through workshops, performances, scores and sound-based texts. Each part of the project aims to promote listening that is both active and open to the relationship between space, sound and the vitality of matter. In this scheme of things, the human body, as the primary perceptive instrument, is penetrated by a whole series of sound impulses that expand and contract space in every direction, producing mobility; listening can enhance the ability to perceive that which acts outside the subject, and may create possibilities for an open future.


No Island But Other Connections – Third Edition
July 10-14, 2017 at Postaja Topolove
Topolò di Grimacco IT

No Island But Other Connections – Second Edition
April 24-30, 2017 at Careof
Milano IT

No Island But Other Connections – First Edition
July 8,9,10 and 16, 2016 at Santarcangelo Festival
MET – Museo degli usi e costumi della gente di Romagna, Santarcangelo IT