Sound Space Body


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“Sound Space Body” and “The Dance of Attention” are two residential workshops realised in collaboration with Attila Faravelli and specifically developed for Unidee – University of Ideas – Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella IT




•  The Dance of AttentionWhat happens as soon as we press ‘record’ on a device”







a contribution to Lateral Addition

On June 6th and 18th of 2015, I recorded the sounds Enrico produced from manipulating empty aluminum cans. Discouraged by the boomy sound of Enrico’s living room (let alone the noises coming from a few hyperactive neighbors) we decided to take the car out and go in search of a quiet spot in the country. On the crest of a hill we found an almost anechoic slope, populated by dense tall grass. We wanted the recording to be “pure” – as dry and close up as possible in order to verify with plenty of sonic detail the reasons an object that belongs in the trash was so appealing to us.
– AF