Readymade Metal Book

Readymade Metal Book
is a research project aimed at investigate the potential of movement readymade metal objects that I have recently collected from an old irons warehouse in Cesena, Italy.

I walked among piles of metal waste, seeking; I was looking for objects with direct and intense visual impact, being, at the same time, tools with qualities of affordance explicit ways of react to simple impulses, in creating unpredictable conditions of movements and sounds.
My first interest in such a readymades is in consider how hazy is their current location in human history, from the prospective of use as work tools. and all of them are not in a clear point of their history and evolution from the perspective of human beings;
As matter of fact, they are too much eroded to let us indeed recognize their original role within the relational system between persons and objects. Nevertheless, they are not broken enough to be considered “junk” or “fragments”.

I collected these specific metallic objects because I have immediately felt that they hold unexpressed chances to outline different paths; they can be agents able to disclose the potential of a way of being which is far away from the way of being of my common instruments.
They are strangers and so they will remain.

Therefore, the whole project is an attempt of return dignity the quality of a world placed outside of me, the one of objects (and their inner corruptive and generative processes), that which can be disclosed through the movement and the sound.
The sound plays a very specific role: it is a consequence of the tool in its movement and it is always under construction, out of a negotiation between the objects and me in our reciprocal activities.
The sound is the very space that I share with the tool, it is our autonomous zone of connection.

note: the readymade series, instead of producing results as sound-works is aimed to investigate the vitality of collected objects and their potential as tools left to moving and producing sounds.


May 13th, 2017
Palais de La Dynastie, Bruxelles BE
Lecture and sound performance about Readymade Metal Book at Kunstenfestivaldesarts
“Before the Codes” A Night of Thinking Through Senses.

Readymade Metal Book
unstable zones

page one (that could be the page two) – page two (that could be the page one)

supporting surfaces – trapezie – book spine
sizes in cm – 49 – 32,5 – 13 – 4,5 – 49 – 33

visual aspect
page one: rust corrodes metal, orange on blue – page two: rust corrodes metal, blue on orange
Orange color stands out of the metal wreckage pile, the book is evidently different from every other piece over there.

PORTFOLIO_Readymade Metal Book

Disco Uno

17 cm
surface: graysh blue, three red episodes
morphology interrupted by an empty zone
edge twisted inward (it seems to being devouring itself )
Pancake Snare drum
35,7 cm
miscellaneus surface, variable tension, exposed to temperature variation
two large zones, colored brown, white, yellow.