Enrico Malatesta


Enrico Malatesta is an Italian percussionist and sound researcher active in the field of experimental music, sound intervention and performance; his practice explores the relations between sound, space and body, the vitality of materials and the morphology of surfaces, with particular attention to the percussive acts and the modes of listenings.

Since 2007 Enrico Malatesta has been presenting his works with tours all over Europe, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, UK, North America and Russia, participating in festivals and special events in venues such as Pirelli Hangar Bicocca – Milano, Berghain – Berlin, MAM – Rio de Janeiro.

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sonic acts


I am happy to announce my participation at Sonic Acts Biennial 2022, in the frame of ONE SUN AFTER ANOTHER that will take place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from September 30th to October 23rd. I am going to present a new solo performance for bells, surfaces and falling objects and a soundwalk realized through a wonderful dialogue with Tomoko Sauvage.

October 1–2, 2022
at Amstelpark, Arent Janszoon Ernststraat 1, 1083 GA, Amsterdam NL

Sonic Acts is an interdisciplinary arts organisation based in Amsterdam. Founded in 1994 to present new developments in electronic and digital art forms, Sonic Acts has gained prominence with its biennial international festival — an intensive art, theory and technology gathering motivated by changes in the ecological, political, technological and social landscape.

Sonic Acts is a leading platform for international projects, research and the commissioning and co-production of new artworks, often working together with local and international partner organisations such as independent and institutional cultural incubators, universities and kindred festivals.



more information soon




Farmer, blood of the hangman, your plow is left without music

E SÔNA ("It sounds" in Romagna dialect) is the title of the project developed by artist Enrico Malatesta for Aequusol VER MMXXI. The work - which will have an evolution time corresponding to the duration of the entire Spring season - investigates the relationship between sound as a medium, form of movement and space, connecting elements of folklore and rural Romagna rituality with decadent, hidden and rarely perceived factors of the agricultural landscape of Abruzzo. It will manifest itself with performative actions and pedagogical programs dedicated to active listening in relation to material culture and the role of sound and acoustic phenomena, starting with beliefs and pagan liturgies originating in rural Romagna. Fulcrum of the research is the Cavéja Dagli Anëll, an ancient sound shaking device, equipped with tuned metal rings and used both in agricultural work and in particular superstitious-propitiatory rituals. The intent is to transfer the energy of these instruments in the context of the performing arts, going beyond the boundaries and the concept of local culture and restoring vitality to memory and popular sound habits in the contemporary context.

ph_Caveja from the collection exhibited at MET – Museo degli Usi e Costumi della Gente di Romagna, Santarcangelo di Romagna - Rimini.

Fo.Cu.S. Fondazione Culture Santarcangelo – Musei Comunali Santarcangelo


oscillation Public Address

Thrilled to perform again at Oscillation Festival in Bruxelles.

The fourth edition of Oscillation festival is dedicated to the question what it means to address a public, and how, by changing the site of a performance, the relationship between audience and performer shifts. Inspired by the transitory nature of public space, many artists are drawn to formats which resist the demands of the traditional performer/audience dynamic. Experimental formats such as soundwalks, itinerant performances and virtual events, allow work to move into public spaces where it interacts with a changing and unstable environments. A public is not necessarily a crowd, and experiments with small scale and outside formats are proving resilient, and raising meaningful questions about notions such as public and private, environment and nature, aspects of introspection and connection.

The fourth edition of Oscillation festival will take place from April 28th to May 1st, 2022 and it is curated by q-o2 - workspace for experimental music and sound art.

PARADISE • Il paesaggio che vorremmo poter desiderare

Incredibly happy to present a new version of SOUND SPACE BODY, a listening workshop conceived and realized with Attila Faravelli that is going to be presented in the frame of PARADISE • IL PAESAGGIO CHE VORREMMO POTER DESIDERARE, a project curated by Chiara Bersani and Giulia Traversi for SPAZIO KOR in Asti, Italy.

From November 30th to December 4th at SPAZIO KOR, Asti.

MAP_PA • master in performing arts 


Thrilled to be among the mentors of the MAP_PA – Master in Performing Arts organized by the Azienda Speciale Palaexpo in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. MAP_PA proposes a training course that, through the exploration of the performative languages of theater, music, dance and visual arts, will guide the participants towards new forms of design and artistic experimentation and interdisciplinary research.

More details on www.mattatoioroma.it

Aural tools

Happy to announce that two new releases I worked on are now available from Aural Tools.

PIETRA DI LANGA w/ a text by anthropology Tim Ingold.

Aural Tools uses small runs of simple objects to document the material and conceptual processes of specific musicians’ sound production practice. It is a series of devices for relating sound to space, the listener and the body in ways unavailable through traditional recorded media such as CDs or LPs. 

Aural Tools was founded by Attila Faravelli, who is also its curator.

biennale di venezia – mahalla stories 

...thrilled to be part of a series of events and education programs created in the context of the Uzbekistan Pavilion at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venice, that  will take place from August 24th to 31st at the Uzbekistan Pavilion, Quarta Tesa Arsenale.

Full programme –>  Events – Mahalla Stories

Thanks to Carlos Casas for the invitation.

A detail of a carved surface

i lift
one stone
and i am

[Robert Lax – new poems, 1962]

Thanks to the permission from the "Robert Lax Literary Trust” I am incredibly happy to announce that I have officially started to work on a new, long-term project, consisting of a series of sound actions, readings and workshops revolving around the beauty of Robert Lax's poems.

News, list of partners / supporters and more insights on the project will be shared through my webpage and social networks.


Robert's portrait has been taken at Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart, in 1985, by ©Judith Emery.


Elementi is a festival dedicated to contemporary music and performing arts whose intent is to present to the public the transversality of contemporary languages in relation to the emotional power of symbolic and uncontaminated landscapes of the Romagna region. The project is curated by MAGMA and MU in collaboration with the Municipality of Cervia.

Line up of artists Includes Clara de Asís, Gigi Masin, France Jobin, Francesco Guerri, Sandro Mussida, Cristina Kristal Rizzo and Riccardo La Foresta

Saline di Cervia ph©Chiara Pavolucci

peter ablinger 
Weiss / Weisslich 31b, drum-set, rain

Installation piece will be presented in late summer 2021. More information soon.


Peter's portrait ©Siegrid Ablinger

September 18, 2022


Walk and Workshop

Cesena IT

September 24, 2022


Walk and Workshop at NUB

Pistoia IT

September 25, 2022

e sôna
performance w/ Caveja dagli Anëll

MET – Fo.Cu.S

Santarcangelo di Romagna IT

October 1–2, 2022

Sonic acts
ONe sun after another

Soundwalk and Sound Performance

Amsterdam NL

October 8, 2022


Walk and Workshop at EXATR

Forlì IT

October 12, 2022

Annotazioni superficiali

Listening Workshop

Exit Festival 

Bologna IT

October 15, 2022

Annotazioni superficiali

Listening Workshop

Stazione degli Artisti

Gambettola IT

October 16, 2022

OCCAM XXVI • solo percussion

Crisalide Festival

Forlì IT

October 20, 2022


Walk and Workshop

Periferico Festival

Modena IT

October 22–23, 2022

sound space body

Listening Workshop w/Attila Faravelli

OMNE – Open Nature

Castelfranco Veneto IT

October 23, 2022

OCCAM XXVI • solo percussion

OMNE – Open Nature

Castelfranco Veneto IT

December 3, 2022

OCCAM XXVI • solo percussion

Tectonics Festival 

Athens  GR

A detail of a drum leather surfaceA detail of a drum leather surfaceA detail of a drum leather surface A detail of a drum leather surface A detail of a drum leather surface A detail of a drum leather surfaceA detail of a drum leather surfaceA detail of a drum leather surfaceA detail of a drum leather surface